What ID Do Kids Need to Fly

If you plan to take a flight with your kid, you should know a few basic things about travel with a kid ID. In most situations, kids are allowed to travel without a passport within the borders of the USA, but some exceptions may apply. To ensure that your kid is safe and secure on a trip, find out more about travel with kid ID tips.

Children don’t need ID when traveling domestically, but they do need ID when traveling internationally. This is a rule that applies in most cases when your kid is ready to travel.

Some parents take their kids on a trip when they are very young, and it is important to know that kids under 18 years of age do not need to have an official ID card when traveling within the U.S. borders. They can fly around the States as well as within Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, and Bermuda.

When Is ID Needed for Your Kid

Your kid needs ID for international travel and this is a rule that applies to most airline companies. Officials at the airport will ask for your kid’s ID and you should be prepared for this situation.

Your kid needs ID if you plan to travel abroad and outside of the USA. All international travels are completed outside the states, and that is why your kid under 18 needs ID.

In case your kid is a minor, you may need to have a birth certificate. When traveling, a birth certificate is an adequate document for your minor and this is when you can replace the official passport.

You can have a birth certificate of your kid only if you travel within the States. In case you travel internationally, you will need an official ID.

How to Prepare Kids for Travel

To keep everything in order, you need to prepare your kid for travel. Take the official documents and save some space for the necessary details. Small bags full of clothes, food, and toys will be next to you when you are on a flight.

kids travel bags

If you are one of those parents who likes to plan everything, you will have to separate important things from unnecessary details. Packing only the essentials is crucial for your trip.

Include the necessary things in your travel bag, and pay attention to how the items are packed. Use your space to fill it in with the documents and passports. Take your passport with yourself and make sure that your kid has the relevant documents.

Once you are sure that you’ve packed everything, you can take a safe trip with your kid.

Is ID Always Necessary

ID for your kid is necessary if you plan to travel outside the USA, Canada, Mexico, and the Caribbean. It is good to have an ID in case you travel to multiple destinations, and if you have multiple stops. Some countries that are still on the list of the countries that don’t require ID for Americans can ask for a travel document at the airports.

To avoid complications, take the necessary documents with you and prepare for all types of situations. Your kid may need to have a passport or birth certificate in countries like Mexico and the Caribbean countries because the rules are always a matter of change.

You can enter these countries while being asked to show the travel documents for your kid. If this is the case, you will be adequately prepared only if you have an ID of your kid.

Generally speaking, if you want to travel outside the USA, make sure that you have an ID for your kid. With this document, you will avoid possible complications. Your kid’s ID is proof of the legal age and sex of your child. With ID, you can travel with your kid to all international destinations.

In case you plan to travel domestically, your kid doesn’t need an ID. All destinations within the USA don’t require ID cards for kids under 18 years of age.

With this kind of regulation, we can take our kids on trips that are more exciting and more relaxed. Carrying all those unnecessary documents is not important anymore when we travel within the U.S. borders.

What Happens When You Forget Your ID

Sometimes, you may forget your ID at home before the travel trip. If this happens, you have the solutions to still have the flight. An officer at the airport may ask you to confirm your identity by asking you a few questions. You will be asked to provide your personal information like your name, age, address, and current phone number. When you provide the necessary information, you will be allowed to travel afterward.

This procedure is possible thanks to the TSA (Transportation Security Administration) recommendations. You can find more information here https://www.tsa.gov/travel/security-screening/identification.

If you are a person without a criminal record, you can travel all around the country without your ID. Of course, it is more than important to carry your documents with you because the procedure of confirming your identity may be long and complicated. You can miss a flight and that is not a scenario you need on a trip.

Better have your documents in your bag because the long procedure may cost you time and money. In some cases, an officer at the airport can search for your background. If you have any problems with the background, you can have problems at the airport. With an ID card and a clear record, you can be sure that you can travel securely.

Another good option to always have an ID with you is to make a copy of your ID. Always carry a copy of your ID and make sure that you have it in your travel bag. In many situations, a copy of an ID can replace the official ID document and you can travel with no problems.

If you are intending to travel within the USA, a copy of your ID will be very helpful at checking points. Officers and officials will have less trouble finding you and identifying you with a copy of your ID.

How Your Kid Can Travel Without ID

Your kid is not allowed to travel abroad without an ID, but he or she must have an ID for international travels. There is one simple rule that applies to kids under 14 years old.

Little baby boy in a hat with the red robe on the hand

The minors from 5-14 are not asked to provide ID at the airport. This age limit is very helpful if you don’t want to have issues during travel. More kids are now able to travel without ID only because they are under 14 years of age.

Different rules apply for different airlines and we have airlines that require kids to have IDs. For example, Southwest Airlines require kids between the ages of 5 and 11 to have an official identification document. You can also use a birth certificate here, but the most secure document is a photo ID.

These rules apply to kids who are traveling alone without companions. If your kid is traveling with you or with a person over 18 years old, the documents may not be required. In any case, it is better to have IDs when traveling with certain companies.

When it comes to United Airlines’ rules, we have very strict requirements. Children who are between 15 and 17 years old can choose from an extensive list of documents when traveling with or without a companion.

The list includes a driver’s license, passport, credit card, social security card, school ID, or any other document that proves identity. United Airlines offers options that are more flexible when it comes to required documents.

Other airlines can offer similar options, and you can choose the document that is best for your kid. Go for the airline requirements that apply to your travel destination and see what is needed.

In most situations, your kid will be good to travel only with a driver’s license or some similar identity document. Your kid will travel within the USA without any problems, but international flights will have another requirement for your kid.

You may need to have a Child Travel Consent form that allows your kid to travel internationally without parents.

A Child Travel Consent form allows minors to travel without parents on international flights. This is the form that verifies the following information:

• Name, birthplace, and passport information

• Information about parents or guardians

• Medical information about possible allergies and special needs

• Travel information

• Signature

In the case of international flights, your child will be required to have a Child Travel Consent form if he or she is traveling alone.

If you are traveling with your kid, a Child Travel Consent Form is not required because your passport will be proof of your identity as a child’s companion.

If your kid is traveling alone within the USA borders, a Child Travel Consent Form is also not required.

Now when you know what is needed for travel with your kid, you can prepare more easily. Your kid will need ID only in certain situations, and you must read the requirements of the exact airline that you use.

If your kid is required to have an ID, take it with you and make sure that you’ve prepared for your flight ade.

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