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How To Travel With A Baby And Change Time Zones?

So you plan to travel with your baby? Why not? We have the answers you need to know if you are taking a trip with your little one.

Sometimes, the situation is easy, and sometimes, you’ll have to make some great effort to keep your baby healthy and well-adjusted to a new time zone. Here’s what to do when you travel with baby and change time.

Keep It Simple

Your baby is a human as you are. Every change in a time zone affects babies as it affects adults. If you want to help your baby adjust better, just keep things simple. Have regular meals, sleep well, and do everything you do with one small difference—do it within another time zone.

If your baby is accustomed to having a meal at 7 PM, make it possible to give her a meal at the same time. This means that you’ll be needing to prepare the meal ahead. If a time zone is completely different, try to adjust to it and do not have any extra meals during the day.

Your new time zone might be 3 or 4 hours ahead. If your baby is older than 4 months, stay smart and prolong the mealtime until 7 PM. It will be the most beneficially to the baby. Of course, you must eat something on a plane or during the trip. Keep it light and save the baby’s stomach for a real meal when you hit the destination.

Regulate Sleep Time

We all know the effects of a jet lag. We are confused, disorientated and we need rest.

It is the same with babies, just in a much larger portion. Babies have habits to sleep at a certain time, and time zone interruption could make some problems.

To keep your baby relaxed, let her sleep as long as she needs and adjust her sleeping pattern to a new time zone.

A baby might find the new sleeping habit in a new time zone, and that’s all OK. They know what kind of sleeping time is the best for them.

If you are traveling short distances, you may find it interesting that babies won’t sleep in the periods you are used to seeing them sleep. That is because babies have a natural urge to know what is going around. But, be sure they will hit the bed when they arrive at the destination.

Be considerable and let them rest when they want and for how long they want. It is a sure bet they will accustom to a new time zone properly.

Make the Necessary Conditions

If you are traveling by car, it is easy to make the necessary conditions for your baby to have a good trip.

Put the curtains on the windows and block off any excessive light in the car. Of course, do it with safety precautions when it comes to traffic rules.

Good conditions in a car or a van will certainly put your baby at ease during the travel. If your baby needs more light or more air, make good conditioning possible and adjust to her needs.

In most situations, babies will fall asleep on longer travels and that will make you set until you reach the destination.

Another good advice to make your baby comfortable is to carry some favorite toys of theirs. A toy that is interesting enough will make them feel at home, and that will be a sure bet that your baby will be engaged and rest during the trip.

Be Aware of the Huge Time Zone Change

In the case that you are changing the time zone that is 6 or 7 hours behind or ahead, you must make some larger adjustments. Babies that travel inside the time zones change their mood very often. It is a jet lag thing we all experience. In this case, it is much heavier when you travel with your baby.

A jet lag is best to overcome with some help from the medicine. It is advisable to consult your pediatrician before taking any medicine. If they approve that you can use them, go for the medicine that best suits your baby’s needs.

One of the most common medicines used by parents is melatonin. By around 3 months, most babies start to make the hormone melatonin, which is responsible for regular sleep cycles. If the sleep cycle is affected by a time zone change, a baby could produce a less than usual amount of melatonin.

Go with the Flow

To give your baby enough melatonin, some pediatricians advise taking extra melatonin on a trip. Only if approved by a doctor, give your child a portion that is adequate for their age and health status.

One of the best methods to travel with your baby safely is to use common sense. What does that mean? It means that your baby is a creature of habit, and you should not over-push certain things. If your baby is not in the mood, let her rest and take the time to engage again.

At the same time, if your baby is irritated, do not try to calm it by all means. Let the baby cry and try to observe the surroundings. If there is too much light, too much noise, or too many people, try to notice what makes the baby annoyed.

Remove all the factors you can and offer your baby comfort in your lap. It will be the best way to keep her calm.

Consult with Pediatricians

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Each baby is different and each will react differently on a time zone change. Try to stay calm and notice what will suit your baby in the best manner. If your baby is engaged with a certain thing, like a toy or a book, keep her engaged and let her have some good time on a trip.

Your baby needs the same things as adults need. Enough rest, more leisure time, and regular meals when hungry. That is why proper consultation is a must.

Before going on a trip, visit your pediatrician and see what you can do to make the trip easier for your child.

If a pediatrician suggests some extra food or extra precaution measurements, take the advice and make your journey more comfortable.

Have Fun

A time zone change is not fun at all, but we can make it easier if we want. Your baby will certainly enjoy some great movies on a plane, so make sure you have prepared a tablet or use the plane facilities to watch some great movies. In case your child is not a big fan of movies, take some interesting magazines with you and see what’s new. This will certainly shorten your travel time.

Make sure that your baby is comfortable as much as possible. In case you are traveling long distances where you are changing numerous time zones, get extra comfort and travel in business class. It will be a little extra cost, but it will save you a lot of nerves. There you can enjoy some good seats and extra care from the flight attendants.

Traveling with a baby could be an amazing experience when you know what to do and what to carry on a trip. Both you and your baby will enjoy it.

Stay Safe

Time zone is not the only thing to consider on a trip. Some countries are not good for traveling in some periods of the year, and you should educate yourself before taking a journey.

One of the best ways to stay focused and safe is to take care of the environment. Certain destinations are less safe in terms of social and political struggles. Try to avoid those destinations and keep your baby protected. If you need to travel to those destinations, get extra security measurements are travel with groups of people who are reliable and attentive.

Your baby will be safe if you keep your journey safe. It is the best method to make the trip more enjoyable.

Stay Fit and Healthy

When you arrive at a destination, try to experience as many good things as possible. Take a walk, exercise and eat healthily. Your baby will certainly enjoy the trip if you maintain some healthy habits.

Make your trip outstanding by visiting some interesting places and let your baby enjoy the destination. You will know she is enjoying it if she is healthy and accustomed to a new time zone. In the new time zone, some new habits will be made. Your job is to adjust to the new habits of your baby.

Traveling with a baby could be the most amazing thing. Your baby will certainly enjoy new places and new people. If you want to keep things easy, consider the mentioned pieces of advice and consult your pediatrician about the necessary adjustments.

Your trip with a baby will be unforgettable for as long as you keep listening to your baby’s needs. Try to stay focused and calm, and everything will be OK for both you and your little one. Enjoy your trip together!

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