7 Tips to Keep Dad Happy on Family Vacations

You probably already know that men are big kids. So, no matter how mature your husband is, his interests differ from yours when you’re on vacation with the kids. The key to a successful family vacation is making it a happy experience for everyone.

Also, don’t forget that he’s your husband, not an extra babysitter for the vacations. And it’s better to plan a holiday not just for the kids but for both of you, too.

So, when planning a holiday vacation, you need to take your husband’s wishes into account. Here are 7 tips to make him (and you) happy on family vacations:

Include Your Husband in the Kid’s Activity Choices 

Kids are kids, so you already know that they’ll want what they want. But because you’re all on vacation, don’t be offended if he wants something different too. Instead, just pick through the activities together. For example, he might want to go zip-lining or something you never thought of. 

He needs to choose an activity he’ll really enjoy so that everyone has a good time. Then, when he makes his own choice, he’ll feel like he’s been included in the ‘fun.’

Don’t be afraid to give it a try yourself, either! If he wants to go wakeboarding and you’re nervous about falling, sign up for the lesson with him. He’ll love you for it.

Take Some Time for Dad-Only Activities

While you’re on vacation with kids, it’s easy to do everything together. But when you’re in a new place, it can be enjoyable to spend some time apart doing your own thing. And the best part about this is that no one else can intrude on that precious time spent apart. He can go fishing with his friends, and you can spend a day at the spa. Or you can go hiking while he shops.

If your husband is like most men, he probably sticks to what he knows. That’s why he needs to try something new when you’re on vacation together. He wants to keep his wife happy, so he’ll be up for anything. So try something he’s always wanted to do, like deep-sea fishing, or take a cooking class together.

Be a Kid Yourself on Vacation

You’re never too old to be a kid! So if your husband loves playing games or going down water slides, don’t be afraid to bounce around as you used to when you were 10 years younger. In fact, he may even want to try some of those things with you.

If you can, plan a family vacation for just the two of you and the kids. It’s romantic and so much fun! You don’t have to worry about anyone else but each other on these vacations. And it will be such a good boost for your relationship as well.

Give Him an Extra Hour

Is your husband up at 6 am, shaved, and showered before anyone else? Then give him an hour to sit quietly with his coffee while everyone sleeps in! Your husband is tired after work, so don’t make him deal with small talk with you while he just wants to relax and enjoy his coffee.

Don’t make him feel guilty for wanting a little time alone. Instead, just let him wake up an hour earlier than everyone else, and give the kids their breakfast while he enjoys some peace and quiet.

Do something just for him once in a while when you’re on vacation. Take the kids to bed, tell them you’ll read them their favorite story in the morning, and let Dad have his “guy time.” Honestly, he deserves it.

Go for a Meal That Dad Will Enjoy, Too 

It’s always a treat to have your parents in town for dinner, but vacation is the time to go out together as a whole family. So if you’re traveling with little kids, don’t expect everyone to be happy when you sit down for a meal at 4:30 pm. Even if they love the food, kids’ meals can be tedious.

It’s okay to take them out somewhere different and fun (even if it means changing their bedtime) and letting them order off the adult menu. But, you might be surprised how much more pleasant your family vacation can be if your husband is happy…and well-fed.

Even though it’s some “unhealthy” but delicious food (which usually means fatty or sweet or both), your form won’t be damaged much by one dinner in those circumstances.

Take Dad on a “Guy” Activity 

Is he into sports, fishing, or hunting? Or maybe cars, motorcycles, or something really off the wall? Whatever his interest may be, take him out for it every now and then. And let him plan your family vacation once in a while, too. After all, you don’t have to watch it. And if he’s always talking about something he wants to do, it may be a surprise to you as well.

For example, my husband loves fishing and has been to this fishing lake before. So he took me there for the first time a few years ago, and we had a blast! It was a great family bonding activity that made everyone happy. And it was just something that my husband wanted to do, so I went along with it.

What makes this upcoming vacation even more exciting is that you won’t have any distractions from cell phones or television. Instead, you can spend all day doing things together and then retire at night for a good night’s sleep under the stars. Your kids will surely enjoy the change of pace.

Plan a Date Night 

You don’t have to go out for a whole night. Maybe just head out for drinks or something casual and fun.

If you’re able to set aside a little time for just the two of you, it will be so much better than any night out with friends for both of you. And don’t forget that this isn’t about what’s best for your husband, as I know some wives think. This is about giving your husband what he wants and needs to be a happy guy.

No matter how much your husband likes little ones, sometimes he needs a break from them. You can make your vacation even better by giving him time to enjoy it in the way he wants.


So, make your husband happy on family vacations. Pick a destination he’ll love and do activities together with him. Make sure to spend some time apart from each other doing things you both enjoy. And make his day by being a kid yourself! Don’t forget to have fun… because the kids can’t wait either.

As you can see, it’s easy to make your husband happy on vacation. It just takes a little consideration and compromises from both of you. Just think about all the things he does for you. And if at first, it seems like no big deal…try doing them without complaining and see how much happier your family life becomes!

Hey ladies, when was the last time you told your husband to thank you? I am guilty of taking my husband for granted and always complaining about him. Vacation is a great time to make your husband feel wanted and appreciated; show him how much you care.

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