The Best Tips And Tricks For Preventing Baby Motion Sickness on The Plane

Traveling with a baby can be a daunting task. You must worry about packing all the necessary supplies and ensuring your little one is comfortable and safe during the trip. Motion sickness is one of the parents’ most common issues when traveling with a baby. This can be incredibly challenging when flying, as turbulence can cause even the steadiest babies to get sick. This blog post will give tips and tricks for preventing your baby from getting motion sickness on the plane!

Try to get a window seat.

This will allow your baby to look out the window and be distracted from the plane’s movement.

Give them something to suck on during takeoff and landing.

This will help equalize the pressure in their ears and help prevent motion sickness. You can give them a pacifier or bottle or even let them suck on your finger.

Dress them in comfortable clothing.

Tight clothes can restrict their movement and make them more likely to get sick. Choose loose-fitting clothes that will allow them to move freely.

Keep them cool during the flight.

Stuffy, hot conditions can worsen nausea. Dress your baby in light clothing and keep a cool cloth on hand to dab their face if needed.

Please make sure they are well-rested before the flight.

A tired baby is more likely to get motion sickness. Make sure they have a good nap before the trip and keep them awake, if possible, during the flight.

Limit their screen time.

Watching a movie or playing a tablet game can worsen motion sickness. If they must use a screen, take breaks often and look out the window to give their eyes a break.

Use this list to ensure your child is content on a plane journey and avoids motion sickness.

Feed them small, frequent meals.

This will help keep their stomach from getting upset. Give them crackers, dry cereal, or other bland foods if they are starting to feel nauseous.

Avoid letting them fall asleep during takeoff or landing.

This can make motion sickness worse. If they fall asleep, try to wake them up when the plane starts to descend.

Get them up and moving around every few hours.

Walking around the cabin will help keep their equilibrium in check and prevent motion sickness.

Finally, try to keep them occupied during the flight.

If they’re focused on something else, they may not notice the plane’s motion much. 

Here are the best activities to keep your kid entertained on a trip. Many moms and experts have sworn by these hacks and shortcuts, and I can attest to their effectiveness.

These are just a few tips to help prevent your baby from getting motion sickness on the plane. For more information, please consult your pediatrician. With some planning and preparation, you can make flying with your baby a smooth and enjoyable experience!

Happy Travels!

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