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Toddler Plane Activities and Toys

I understand how hard traveling with a toddler is, and many people would even prefer a newborn. You can imagine how hard your head would throb if you had twins, or even worse, more than three kids?

If your toddler needs entertainment on the plane (and every toddler needs it), then consider the pieces of advice I give in this article. Your toddler is usually more excited during the trip, and that is why proper entertainment can save you from many restless hours on the plane.

If you are one of those mums who like to have everything in order, consider some interesting airplane toys for toddlers.

Let’s face it, kids are amazing and lovable, but they have so much energy at this stage that could be irritable at times. Keeping all mothers and dads in mind, this combination of activities for your youngin is precisely what every parent needs.

One of the best options for toddlers on the plane is giving them light and easy-to-pack toys. With these toys, you will be able to entertain your child during the long trips, and your bag will be large enough to carry all these items. A wide selection of airplane toys for toddlers is what makes a difference on the trip.

Here are the best activities you can take on the trip when your kid needs entertainment. These are hacks and shortcuts many moms and experts have sworn by, and so do I.

So, what are the tips to make your flight fun and peaceful?

Airplane activities for tots

There are so many things you and your child could do, but these are the top convenient ones. Anything you will have to carry is very light; my kid can take it herself! All toddler plane activities and toys you can find at or

Have fun doing these things together.

Crayons and Paper

Crayons and paper are ideal companions on the road. Every kid loves drawing and writing, and your kid will enjoy crayons too. Make sure that you have crayons in many different colors and take enough paper with you.

If your kid loves drawing, you may need to carry a hardcover book or board to place the paper in a stable position. Take only the things that are not too heavy, because the airlines won’t allow over-weighted bags on the plane.

Your kid certainly has the favorite color of crayons. It could be a blue one that makes a difference. Or maybe a red one is ideal for coloring the houses and animals.

Whichever color your kid loves, take that crayon color and have a paper to make the drawing complete. Your kid will enjoy creating different shapes and colors with carefully selected crayons.

Make some puppets

There are always so many waste bags on the plane. Just carry some colorful crayons. You could help the tots color and draw or let them do it for some alone time. Pens and pencils also work great on the waste paper planes.

Always ensure you clean the mess and teach your child to do so. At times, I use my fingertips and tease my toddler with hand puppets; we both love it.

Design cup animals

Ask the crew for their paper cups. These make excellent raw materials for artwork. Cup animals are like toys and are very cheap. Furthermore, the kid learns how to socialize and be creative- kill two birds with one stone.

Use different colors for enticing designs that will occupy that young brain long enough.

Kid’s themed tape

I use the tape when I don’t need a mess to clean after a long flight. They have unusual shapes that I also admit to getting fascinated with.

Also, you can use themed band-aids instead. You probably have these in your cabinet, and they’re easy to store. Help them stick these on their seats, and you will be surprised how much children love this activity.

Making a bracelet

Piper cleaners, thread, and uncooked pasta are all you need for this DIY bracelet. Get varying shapes of pasta and help them make their travel toy. To make it fun for them, make the first bracelet together then let them make a few more on their own.


Make use of very simplified flash or counting cards to keep the experience light and fun. I usually ask my kid simple questions about their favorite topics. Other times, I prefer picture cards or printable games. They are so tempting it is hard not to try them yourself.

Threading Cheerios

All toddlers love snacks, and every parent knows always have extras. Using sweetie lace and Cheerios to fascinate children is an old trick of mine. It instills patience and skills in them while having a good time. You can use whatever snacks your child likes.

My kid prefers blueberries and raisins. Whatever makes them happy gives us peace of mind!

Wikki Stix

In this case, the more the merrier. I always help out when my toddler wants to make shapes. Work and enjoyment come when designing 3-D shapes. The sticks are reusable and do not leave clutter.

They are best when your kid is not busy. This is when they use their time to disturb or touch everything. Just slip the sticks into their hand and watch the magic unfold.

Matchbox cars

Speaking of cheap and affordable toys, matchboxes are trash, and you can use them for something beneficial. Whenever I am planning a trip, I always save some boxes. Toddlers above one find this activity very intriguing. If you want to avoid the mess, make the cars at home.

Stress Ball and Squeeze Toys

Oh, yes, it made the list. This perfect tiny and multi-colored ball is lightweight. They are therapeutic and unwind tots whenever they place them in their hands. It is ticklish yet calming at the same time.

Whenever I notice my son making that cheeky smile, I put a ball into his hand and let nature take its course.

Toddler’s tablet

Finally, a tech that has parents as a significant priority. It is quite pricy, but every mother knows the struggle, so it’s totally worth it. Some planes do not have TVs, and kids tend to get moody when they lack the technology to amuse them.

The tablet has movies installed pre-purchase. These movies suit the preference of every child’s personality. I have an article about videos for kids. You can find it here.

Color games

Crayola Color Wonder is an at-home game I never forget to pack. There is no mess, and they enhance skills visually and creatively. All you need is a collection of books and a few pens- multiple colors, of course.

The pens in the kit are only visible on the magic paper and not on other fabrics. No extra laundry when you are trying to cool off the exhaustion.

Small Toy Cars

Small cars come in so much variety. From small Cadillacs to SUVs and sports cars, your kid will enjoy the multiple options. You won’t have to take all the small cars you have, because the space in your bag is limited.

Take only the cars that are your kid’s favorites. If your child is a fan of that little yellow cab, make sure you have it in your bag. Racing around will be more than fun.

This is the perfect selection for young boys or children into automobiles. These cars use anything like a path, from the seat to your legs. Have your little person bring along some small cars for entertainment. This car can go with any scene; a family car, a race car, a villain’s car, etc.

Another great advantage of small cars is that you can easily transport them and give them to your kid at the destination. Many kids will love to have fun with cars in the moments when you are in the hotel room.

Other kids and new friends will also enjoy small racing games around the room. Make sure that you have at least three or four small cars in your travel bag.

Playing puzzles

This is a straightforward do-it-yourself hack. Store-bought puzzles have so many pieces, and if any were to fall off, you’d have a depressed kid. And that would mean undirected energy throughout a flight.

Simple two-part puzzles or three-part ones are equally fun, and some tots might even find them challenging.

Tegu blocks

With Tegu blocks, your kid will certainly enjoy making different shapes and creatures. Tegu blocks are made of magnetic wood that puts the pieces together in the form you want.

If one of the pieces is not fitting, you can easily replace it with another one and get the shape you desire. Many animals, cars, trees, and other items can be made with Tegu blocks. That is why kids love this toy.

Boy plays with tegu blocks

It is best to give your child Tegu blocks in the plane when everyone is sitting and preparing for the flight. This way, your kid will be more focused and nothing will distract them from the game.

If your kid plays with Tegu blocks in the lap, you won’t have a hard time collecting the pieces around the seat. Your kid will have only a few blocks for the overall game. Do not overload your kid with too many blocks, because you can easily lose them in the plane.

Magnet board

Even adults admit to being addicted to playing with magnets, why should children be any different? These boards usually develop a story with a virtual scene. The characters and figurines are attracted to the board and cannot fall off. There are options for girls, boys, and unisex.

Magnetic Puzzle Book

Puzzles are the ultimate game for toddlers. Always interesting and entertaining, puzzles are a game that will keep your child happy during the airplane trip. One thing better than puzzles is the option of magnetic puzzles.

With magnetic puzzles, you don’t have to take care of the pieces that can fall all around the place. One single board is good enough to connect the pieces and make the game more interesting.

A magnetic puzzle book is one of the best games for young kids’ development. When playing with puzzles, your kid improves the existing connections in the brain cells and increases the potential for solving problems.

This is incredibly important at an early age when your kid learns to make connections and develop new skills. When it comes to entertainment on the plane, a magnetic puzzle book will be an ideal companion on long flights.

Lift the flap

This ‘where is’ game is so popular, and most moms in my group resort to it. Simply, it is a quick game that needs lids from wet wipes. Attach eight of these to cardboard or thick paper. Draw animals, pictures, numbers, letters, or color the part underneath.

Lift the flap and have them guess where the corresponding picture/color is. It is delightful that other kids want to join in.

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Crew helpers

This tip is for extremely active children that feel the need to have their feet on the ground 24/7. Spot one friendly member of the crew and ask if your toddler could help out. Some airlines ask the children to distribute sweets or treats before the plane lands, or serve small meals amidst the flight.

Mobile game apps

Technology has come a long way, and with it comes lots of benefits. Carry your iPad or phone during your trip. There are so many applications that can keep a tot’s mind busy all through.

Games like Duck Duck Mouse, ABC Toddler, Mouse Maze, and Duplo are some favorites. Every game is designed for a specific age set.

Farm in a Tin

If you have a two-year-old, never miss Farm in a Tin. Just like the name, the game is as playful. Unfortunately, the parts are quite large, but this is overcome by how squeezed the traveling toy is. Always be ready to pull this kit out whenever your kid starts being stubborn.

Boogie Board

Boogie board is an electronic variant of crayons and paper. With a boogie board, your kid will have more options when drawing and writing, because each work can be erased in a matter of seconds. A new creation is always possible to make, which is incredibly interesting for kids.

Most boogie boards use stainless steel telescoping stylus which is a very useful tool. You can easily use the stylus as a pen, and some boogie boards have attached stylus pens that cannot be easily lost.

Use a boogie board if you want to have more fun when on a plane. Your toddler will certainly be more interested in a boogie board than some other options of entertainment.

Tablets and phones are usually good only for shorter periods of time. With a boogie board, your kid can draw, write or make endless shapes and lines with one single move. Most parents have boogie boards as part of their usual selection of items for a trip.

My Busy Books

Talk about an excellent activity box with an exciting tale. The set has twelve figurines and a mat to be used during role play. Although the mat requires space, the collectibles do not. They are so fetching and can keep your tot’s mind occupied for hours without them realizing it.


Even when traveling by car, cube-bot is always in my handbag. This square can be turned to might superheroes. Though, you should keep the manual close to turning the hero back to a cube. It is a combo of mental practice and imagination. See how hard every kid struggles to play with the cube.

Buckle Toy

My son loved this when he turned one last year. It kept him occupied, and he didn’t want to let it go. It is a suitable travel toy because of how compact and portable it is. The game can have a child busy for more than half an hour.

If you want to participate, help them learn how to buckle and unbuckle a few times. However, the faster they do it, the less time they will spend playing with the toy.

Foam dress-up

Role-play is a feature that most childhood games and activities have. These foam statuettes have heroes, animals, and people sections. My son concentrated on this for nearly four hours, and I didn’t even notice he was there, apart from occasional questions and distractions.

The hacks always work for me, I’ve never landed with a headache- not from my kid anyway. It is also essential to carry some snacks and a pair of headphones. I wish I had seen these before my first flight with my little one, but I’m glad I did. Now, you have the chance to enjoy your trip and make your child happy.


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How to Know Which Airplane Toys Are the Best for My Kid?

If you are one of those mums who cannot decide which airplane toys are the best, just take a look at the everyday habits of your child. Most children have their favorite toys in many different variations. But only those that are the most used by your kid are the best ones.

If your kid is a fan of small cars or racing, just go with the flow and give him a lot of cars and trucks. Many kids will enjoy these toys on the trip, especially because the planes, cars, and motorcycles on the road will remind them of their favorite toys.

Numerous options are available for kids who like drawing and painting. If your kid is a lover of colors and painting, make sure that you have a lot of paper inside your travel bag.

Many different colors in the form of crayons and pens will do the trick along the way. Your kid will be thrilled to see how one single color can change the picture of the landscape you are just passing by.

Imagine how interesting it will be for your kid to draw all those clouds and airplane parts as part of your airplane travel.

In situations when your kid needs extra entertainment, you can easily give them a toy of surprise. Do not tell the kid that you have a new toy for them. Let them enjoy the moment when you give them a special toy. This way, your kid will be entertained in the best manner.

Is My Kid Properly Prepared for a Trip?

In some situations, your kid needs preparation for the trip. You must tell them you will have a flight where every single traveler needs to be calmed and focused. If your kid will be on a plane for the first time, it is best to describe the trip.

You can tell that many people will sit still and wait for the departure. They all will have to be relaxed and prepared for the trip. In times after departure, the passengers will have many entertainment options. One of them is watching movies on the plane.

Usually, movies that are part of airplane entertainment are not interesting for the kids. That is why you should bring your own tablet or other devices for watching movies if your kid loves them.

When your kid is ready for the trip, you can select the toys together. Talk to your kid and describe how the destination will be. If you have a room in a good hotel, you will have a lot of space for playing. That is when you can take a lot of toys for your kid.

In case you are going for a more exotic trip, you won’t have a lot of space and time for playing with toys. No matter where you are going, the time you spend on the plane will be crucial for the entertainment of your child.

Talk to your kid about the toys you will carry in a bag, and make sure you have the toys that are the most important to them.

Many airplane toys for toddlers are interesting only for a certain period of time. Therefore, take only the toys that are light and easy to transport in a bag.

Make a selection of your favorite toys and choose only those that can fit your bag without taking too much space. Your child will be happy to see your favorite toy on a plane, and you will be satisfied with your selection.

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