Planing Skiing with Kids? Here’s a list of Things Not to Do

I used to ski a lot when I was younger, but I haven’t been on the slopes for several years when married. So when my husband and I decided to take our kids skiing for the first time, we were a bit apprehensive.

After spending several vacations skiing with kids, I’ve compiled a list of things not to do when skiing with your children that might help your family enjoy this winter activity.

So, here is my list of 10 things you should not do when planning to go skiing with kids

Making a Last-Minute Booking

One of the worst things you can do is make a last-minute booking. Not only will you be paying top dollar for your accommodations, but you’ll also likely end up with little to no choice in terms of location or amenities. So if you’re set on skiing during your family vacation, start planning well in advance.

Yes, you could find some deals if you book last minute, but it’s not worth the hassle.

Usually, all prime locations are booked months in advance, so you’ll be left with a choice between a less desirable spot or paying top dollar. Not to mention that if you do decide to book at the last minute, chances are that your vacation will cost more than you budgeted for.

Going in the High Season

The mountain will be packed with people who want nothing more than to spend their holiday break on the slopes. Not only will the lines be very long, but you’ll also have a hard time finding parking and a place to stay. So if you’re looking to ski with your family without tons of crowds, consider going during the low season.

At least try to avoid high season while your kids are still new to skiing. It can be overwhelming and frustrating for them to try to navigate through many people on the slopes.

Choosing a Ski Resort that Isn’t Child Friendly

Choosing the right ski resort is just as important as picking the correct dates. Do your research and take into account your family’s abilities and needs. If you’re not confident in your ability to choose the right resort, consider hiring a travel agent who specializes in ski trips, or at least asks friends with kids for their recommendations.

Another feature to look out for is child-friendly accommodations. All kinds of family resorts offer special services for kids, including lessons, equipment rentals, and games.

Skipping Professional Training

It’s essential to take your child skiing in a supervised environment, so they must receive professional ski lessons. The instructor will instruct your child on different techniques and help them improve their skills and comfort level during the trip.

If you’re not confident in your child’s abilities, start them young. While it may be challenging to think about strapping skis on a two-year-old, most ski schools will allow kids as young as three years old to join the lessons.

If you’re new to skiing yourself, make sure to take advantage of the training sessions offered by the resort. It’s a great way to learn about the mountain and the different trails available. You’ll also be able to ask any questions you have about skiing with your family.

Hurry to Get the Kids on Skis

No need to rush here. It’s crucial for your child to feel comfortable with the skis before trying them out on the mountain. So spend as much time as possible practicing in a safe environment.

In addition to feeling comfortable with their equipment, it’s also important that kids learn about safety and how to protect themselves while skiing. Make sure to discuss with your kids what they should do if they find themselves in a difficult situation on the slopes.

Yes, it’s so cute when someone’s toddler is skiing, but resist the temptation to put them on skis too soon. Remember that skiing can be a dangerous sport if not done correctly. Better to take your time and wait for the right age.

Trying To Save Money On Ski Equipment

This is very important! Kids grow like weeds, so there is no point in buying expensive equipment. At least not until you know they’re earnest about the sport. But it doesn’t mean you should buy the cheapest equipment either. 

Don’t buy skis, snowboards, or anything else you need on the spot before heading out to the slopes. You’ll end up with subpar or overpriced equipment that either won’t fit well or will cost you a fortune. Instead, decide what type of equipment you’ll need for your kid, and shop in advance before hitting the slopes.

Be aware that kids typically grow out of their gear faster than adults. So if you’re buying skis, go for ones with adjustable bindings so they can use them as they get older.

Make sure that when you purchase your kids’ ski equipment, you invest in quality skis, boots, and bindings. It’s worth spending more to ensure safety and comfort while skiing. Also, it’s crucial to have the kids’ skis appropriately fitted by a professional.

It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of skiing and forget how cold it can be on the mountain. So make sure to dress your child in layers and bring along plenty of warm clothing.

Imposing a Passion for Skiing

Just like you wouldn’t expect them to love every sport they try, don’t expect your kids to love skiing. It’s perfectly okay if they’re not interested in the sport. However, don’t try to realize your own dreams of skiing through them.

Resist the urge to push your kids into skiing because you think it’s a fun activity. If they’re not interested in it, they’re not enjoying themselves and probably won’t want to ski again.

Instead, show them your own passion for the sport. You will soon find out if your kids love skiing as much as you do. But if they’re not into it, that’s perfectly okay, too. It’s a vacation, not an Olympic Games preparation 🙂


This article is a little funny because all of the tips are “don’t’s,” which, to me, means skiing with kids isn’t going to be as easy as it may be seems at first sight. But in reality, it’s a lot of fun and great family activity! So take everything with a grain of salt and enjoy your time on the slopes.

Just try it yourself, have a Good Trip!

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